DX4100 hard drive troubleshooting.


How do you know a hard drive is the problem?

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Pelco Video Management




Hard drive symptoms.


How do you know a hard drive is the problem?

Symptoms -

  1. The software freezes upon boot up: During Bootup, the DX4100 splash screen will appear for 50 seconds then will disappear. A software freeze has occurred if the splash screen has not vanished. A freeze of this nature will arise when the system does not detect the hard drive properly.
  2. The system will stop writing information to the hard drive: A failed hard drive may cause a loss of recorded video. Before concluding the drive has failed, ensure that all the recording schedules are accurate.
  3. The hard drive cannot be reformatted: If users format their drive for purging purposes, a failed to format prompt will appear. A bad hard drive cannot be formatted.

Should hard drive issue continue, it is recommended to send product in for repair.