Programming recording schedules in the Digital Sentry software.


  • Programming recording schedules in the Digital Sentry software.
  • DS record setup

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Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV2
  • DS


Configure or undo Recording Schedule settings to record cameras as desired.


Using DS Quick Setup: (Note: Using this method analog camera are only configured using the "New Setup" Process.)

  1. Open DS Quick Setup
  2. On the opening screen select next.
  3. Choose whether either "New Setup" or "Add or Remove IP cameras"
  4. Select the type of recording you would like (This only applies to cameras being added to the system):
    • Disable Recording - Cameras added to the system will not record
    • Motion Recording - Cameras added to the system will record on motion
    • Continuous Recording - Cameras added to the system will record all the time.
    • Analytics Recording - Cameras will record based off of analytics from within the camera. This only applies to certain Sarix analytics
  5. Clicking Next brings you to the IP camera list. Here you can adjust the record type of camera individually by selecting a camera and clicking on the "Recording" tab.
  6. Click Next to review the Quick Setup configuration.
  7. Click Next again to apply your settings.
  8. Click Finish to exit DS Quick Setup


Using DS Admin:

  1. Login to DS Admin
  2. Expand the following folders: Available Systems > [System Name] > Cameras
  3. Choose one of the following
    • If configuring all the cameras at once click on the word Cameras so it is underlined and in blue
    • If configuring a camera individually expand under the cameras folder and click the cameras name.
  4. A window should appear in the right side pane. Choose one of the following tabs
    • Time-Lapse Storage (Continuous recording)
    • Event Storage (If running a version before 7.1.47 this will be Motion Storage):
  5. Once in the Time-Lapse or Event Storage tabs select a storage rate. Blue = Fast | Black = Medium | Red = Slow | Gray = Clear
  6. Drag the mouse across each day of the week to color in the time frame you want for the camera(s) to record. You can also try selecting the Full Week button to auto-configure the entire week.
  7. After your week is configured remember to click Save to apply you configuration.

If no recording is needed:

  1. Login to DS Admin 
  2. Expand the following folder: Available systems > [Systems Name] >  Cameras
  3. A window should appear in the rights side panel.
  4. Select Time-Lapse (Continuous) or Event Storage (Motion) tab
  5. Click on "Clear Schedule" button (Gray= clear)
  6. Click Save to apply your configuration.


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