Default username and password for the DX8100 Series


What are the DX8100 software and Microsoft Windows built-in administrator credentials in the DX8100 Series Recorder?
What is the DX8100 password?

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DX8100 Series HVR


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DX8100 Default Password
There are two user-credential layers on a DX8100 Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR).

DX8100 Graphical User Interface
Within the DX8100 HVR graphical user interface, user credentials are used to access basic and advanced features such as playback and setup.
Default credentials for DX8100 HVR version 1.2 and lower:
Username: Admin
Password: Admin

Default credentials for DX8100 HVR version 2.0 and higher:
Username: admin
Password: admin
Microsoft Windows

The DX8100 HVR runs on the Microsoft Windows Operating System and uses the following credentials:

Username: DX8100ADM
Password: dx8100
*Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.
* If unable to log into the Layer 1 administrator-level account, refer to "RECOVERING A PASSWORD" on  page 253 of the DX8100 Series Operation/Configuration Manual.
* If unable to log into the Layer 2 Microsoft Windows User Account, contact the IT Administrator or integrator who installed the unit. Pelco Technical Support is available at (800) 289-9100.