How to install Endura Mapping.


How to install Endura Mapping on the Endura Workstation PCs and on the SM5000/SM5200

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura WS5200-MAP- Version 2.0
  • SM5000


Instructions on the installation process for the Endura Mapping software is needed.


Endura Mapping 2.0  Download Links

Installing Endura Mapping requires three steps:

  1. Registering Endura Mapping Application at the Pelco Web site:
  2. Install the Endura Mapping Software on the Endura Workstation PC.  During the installation process, use the activation key from step 1.
  3. Install the Endura Mapping Server Software.  This step can be executed from the Endura Workstation PCs from step 2.  This step installs the Endura Mapping Service on the SM5000

    For step-by-step instructions and illustrations, reference page 5 of Endura Mapping Quick Start Guide.