Digital Sentry and Endura Encoders release notes and addendum.


Digital Sentry and Endura Encoders release notes and addendum.

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Configuration of a NET5301T or NET5308T to a Digital Sentry recorder.


The below Release Notes can also be found in Pelco document C1014RN-A. However, this Tech Tip has added an Addendum that has not yet been added to the document. The Addendum provides information addressing how to change the Static IP Address for Endura NET5301T and NET5308T Encoders when using Digital Sentry. The Addendum will be added to a future update to the document. Please refer to this Lessons Learned article until the document has been updated when changing the Static IP Address of an Endura Encoder.

Endura Encoders Supported on Digital Sentry Digital Sentry digital video management systems (DVMS) provides support for Endura encoders. To make use of this support, download version 4.2. To obtain the latest information and documentation about Endura encoders, refer to the Pelco Website.


  1. Plug the Endura encoder into a network switch.The encoder must be set to use DHCP.
  2. Open the Pelco Device Utility as follows:
    1. From the Windows Start menu, select Run to open a DOS command prompt.
    2. Type the following command, and press Enter:
      C:\Program Files\Pelco\Device Utility\PelcoDeviceUtility.exe
  3. The Pelco Device Utility searches for the encoder IP address.
  4. After the IP address is located, copy it for use with DSAdmin.
  5. Log onto DSAdmin, and select the correct video acquisition unit (VAU) in the Folder Items list.
  6. Click the IP Camera tab, and click the Add IP Camera button. The Add IP Camera dialog box appears.
  7. Choose Pelco for the type of IP camera. The IP Camera details screen appears
  8. Enter the settings for the encoder.
  9. Type admin in both the user name and password boxes.
  10. When you have provided all the information, click OK. The DSAdmin main screen appears.
  11. In the Folder Items list, click the Cameras folder under the correct VAU.
  12. Select the Endura encoder. Preview video appears on the On Screen Display tab



Changing Static IP Address for Endura Encoder (NET5301T and NET5308T) using DS

To change the Endura Encoder IP address for static, you must download the newest Endura Utilities application.

  1. Download Endura Utilities
    Follow the on-screen instructions for installing the applications.
  2. Open Endura Utilities.
  3. The Login prompt will appear:
  4. The password to log in is: configapp
  5. The Endura Utilities interface will appear
  6. Click the Search button towards the bottom:
  7. Once the search is completed, you will notice the NET5301T under the model section left side.
  8. Left Click the NET5301T encoder and notice you will receive information in the Group Tools area on the right side.
  9. Right Click Endura Basic Encoder on the right side and select Device Macros then Change IP Address.