How to setup redundant recording on the NSM5200 network video recorder


How to setup redundant recording on the NSM5200 network video recorder

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • NSM5200 v2.3.1 and later


Redundant recording can be used in systems which are very critical.

It provides an option to have cameras record on two recorders at the same time to lessen the risk of losing all video when a physical recorder is lost.


Resource:  NSM5200 Product Page

Make sure that redundant recording and failover monitoring are not operating at the same time.

To enable redundant recording:

  1. On the Pool Settings window, click the Enabled radio button for “Redundant recording.” The “Confirm Activation of Redundant Recording" dialog box appears
  2. Click the Enable Redundant Recording button.


3.  You must configure a Redundant Recording Schedule from the WS Software to complete the process.

  • Log into Endura Advanced System Management system as the admin user
  • Go into setup
  • Select the Schedule tab
  • Create the record schedule for the Primary recording pool
  • In the top left corner, pull down the pick list to select 'Redundant recording schedule', then create a new schedule for the redundant pool

Note the following information when enabling redundant recording:

  • Only one redundant recorder is supported.
  • The “Recording transport method” automatically changes from Unicast to Multicast. The NSM5200 pool changes from a primary recorder to a redundant recorder.
  • Manual recording schedules are only created for the primary NSM5200. If the primary NSM5200 goes off line, manual recording will fail.
  • Removing a camera from the primary NSM5200 does not remove the camera from the redundant recorder.
  • Redundant pools only see cameras that are currently being recorded to other pools.
  • Enabling or disabling redundant recording will remove all schedules in that pool.
  • There is no default schedule for cameras recording to a redundant recorder.
  • A redundant recorder cannot perform failover monitoring on other NSM5200s.