How do I enable the coaxitron protocol using the CM6700 and CM6800 Matrix Switcher?


How do I enable coaxitron protocol in the CM6700 Matrix Switcher?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


CM6700 Matrix Switcher all versions

KBD300A all versions


Switching to Coaxitron protocol.


Follow the following steps to enable coaxitron protocol:

  1. Press PGM button on the keyboard
  2. Enter password. (Default is 2899100)
  3. Select language
  4. Press ACK button on the keyboard. The Main Menu appears.
  5. Select CAMERAS. Camera menu appears.
  6. Enter camera number
  7. Select Ext. Coaxitron for "RX TYPE:" Coaxitron protocol enabled.
  8. Select RETURN. Main Menu appears.
  9. Select EXIT. Return to normal display.