How to perform a database rebuild in a Digital Sentry system?


  • Need to index previously recorded video into the DigitalSentry database.
  • If a server cannot write to a disk because of a “disk is full” or “not enough space on disk” error message. Server will also not be able to search video past the last 15 minutes or see it being written to hard drives. Please note that the DVMS is not recording in this instance.
  • If a server cannot find recent video via a search in Digital Sentry, Control Point or Remote View, but can see it on the hard drives.
  • If a client has recently run an Option 2 Recovery, and would like to rebuild their database.
  • If a hard drive has been added or replaced on the server.
  • DS Backup was used to restore a previous backup copy of the DigitalSENTRY database.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry version ALL


When running a Recovery Disk Option 2 or reinstalling the Digital Sentry software and using a new database, if previously recorded video is still present on the system a database rebuild is required.




  1. Run the DS Backup Utility and put information on either CD or a thumb drive. The version of DS Backup must match the version of Digital Sentry!
  2. Ensure client has all Recovery CDs that they need in case they need to do a Recovery in the event the Rebuild does not fix the issue.
  3. Ensure that the client has Rebuild.exe somewhere on their system. To ensure this, have the client use the Windows Search utility and search for Rebuild.exe. If they do not have it, insert the Server/VAU CD and Search it for the Rebuild.exe file. Copy and Paste the Rebuild.exe file to the DigitalSentry folder located on the C drive.



  1. Login to Windows using the DSServiceUser account or an account that has rights to access the Microsoft SQL database
  2. Stop all Digital Sentry services on the server and set those services to Disabled.
    • DigitalSENTRY WatchDog Service
    • DigitalSENTRY Video Server Service
    • DigitalSENTRY Storage Service
    • DigitalSENTRY VSAN Watch Service
  3. Run Command Prompt as a different user: Go to Start > Run or Search Bar > type cmd then hit Shift + right click and select Run as a different user. Login username = dsnvsuser / password Pelco123
  4. Change to the directory that contains the “rebuild.exe” application.
    • The rebuild.exe is located in the C:\DigitalSentry directory. The command to change to this directory is cd \DigitalSentry and press Enter.
    • Type rebuild –fixlocal and press Enter (fixlocal will remove entries in the database that it can’t associate with video files on the hard drives. This goes by very quickly.)
    • Type rebuild –go and press Enter (“go” will associate video files on the hard drives with entries in the database. If a video file does not have a database entry, one will be created for it. Depending on the size of the hard drives, this process can take a long time. This command processes ~10 GB of data every minute.) Note: DSSRV ~ 1TB of data every 5 minutes.
  5. Close the Command Prompt.
  6. Start all Digital Sentry services on the server and set those services to Automatic.

Testing the Repair

  1. To test this resolution, ensure that the Video Server Service and Storage Service have both gone to Started mode.
  2. If the client was unable to search video, have them perform a video search. If video comes up, we know the rebuild worked.
  3. If the client was having disk space errors, have them wait 15 minutes to see if recorded video is able to be searched in ControlPoint or DS Client


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