Can the CM9765-MXB Matrix Bay be used in a sideframe configuration with a CM9760-MXB Matrix Bay?


Need to expand a Matrix System which is using the CM9760-MXB Matrix Bay.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9760-MXB Matrix Bay all versions
  • CM9765-MXB Matrix Bay all versions


Adding cameras to an existing Matrix system.


Yes. The CM9765-MXB can be used with the CM9760-MXB in a sideframe configuration. Refer to page 102 of the System 9760 Video Matrix Switching Control System Installation/Operation manual for illustration of sideframe configuration.
System Manager version 9.03.032 Programming Guide to adding one CM9760 or CM9765-MXB to support an additional 240 cameras.
1.  Select Add Device
2.  Select Device Type Matrix Bay
3.  Select Model CM9760_MXB (This will be grayed out)
4.  Click Next
5.  Select Number of Matrix Bays 1
Select one of the following valid configurations
6.  Click on the dropdown and select (1) CM9760_MXB-->(1,2) 240 New Cameras, 0 New Monitors
7.  Click Next
8.  Click Finish