Dip switch setting for D protocol, 2400 baud rate on the CM9760-CXTA


Using the CM9760-CXTA, what is the dip switch setting for D protocol 2400 baud rate?

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Pelco Matrix




Communication setting for D protocol and 2400 baud rate


On the CM9760-CXTA turn  dip switches 3, 5 and 6 in the ON position for D protocol 2400 baud rate. With Switch #8 in the ON position, this is for control over the Spectra, Esprit and ExSite series cameras. With Switch 8 in the OFF position, this is selecting the older Intercept domes only.

Dip switch #7 in the OFF position will keep the CM9760-CXTA in 16 channel mode where all cameras to BNCs are dealt with as cameras 1-16 only in the programming of the controlling head end. With dip switch #7 in the ON position this is forcing the CM9760-CXTA to move to cameras 17-32 instead.