No PTZ control through the MX4000 Genex Series Multiplexer with KBD4000 keyboard.


Why the selected PTZ camera and KBD4000 keyboard doesn't communicate?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


KBD4000 keyboard
Spectra IV


  • Select the PTZ camera to the SPOT monitor.
  • Video input termination incorrectly set for Genex
  • Spectra IV hardware failure


To gain PTZ control from the KBD4000, Select the PTZ camera to the spot monitor with the following steps:

1. Press the SPOT MONITOR key. The Green LED over the SPOT key lights.

2. Select the camera.

3. Attempt PTZ control.

Note: These steps apply for early version of Genex Series Multiplexers and/or when programming of the Genex for the ADVANCE SETUP menu is set as follows:

  •  SPOT MONITOR DISPLAY is programmed as SEQUENCE.

Additional causes for no ptz control can involve hardware failure such as the following:

  • Back Box
  • Dome Drive