Deleting invalid alarm devices in Endura Utilities


Invalid alarm arrays causing 'Device Offline' alarms in Endura WS5000 software.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura Encoders - All 1.x
  • Endura Workstation Software - All Versions
  • Endura Utilities 2.2.7 or Greater


Invalid alarm devices will sometimes appear within cameras on Encoders. This causes the WS5000 software to report the invalid device as offline, causing an alarm state.


  1. Login to Endura Utilities (password:  configapp)
  2. Click on the File menu and choose Login... to activate additional functions within Endura Utilities.  Login credentials will match the admin account for the WS5000 software.
  3. Use Search and SM Search to discover devices.
  4. Click on the Devices tab.
  5. Find and expand the device tree for the Encoder with the Alarm that needs to be deleted
  6. Right click on the Alarm to be deleted and choose 'Disable Device'

  7. Apply Changes to the device.
  8. Right click again on the device, choose the 'Device Macros' option and the sub-option 'Delete from SM'

  9. Right click on the Encoder that the Alarm appeared under, choose the 'Device Macros' option and the sub-option 'Reset Both'.

  10. This will cause the Encoder to reboot.  After the reboot the alarm should no longer exist as a sub-device on the camera.