Are the CM9740/60/65/70/80-VCC video input cards hot swappable?


Are the CM9760/70/80-VCC video input cards hot swappable?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9740-MXB all versions 
  • CM9760-MXB all versions 
  • CM9765-MXB all versions 
  • CM9770-MXB all versions
  • CM9780-MXB all versions


Replace or reseat a Video Camera Card.


Yes. You do not need to power off the Matrix Bay or CM9700-CC1 to remove an input card.

Must be same model of  Video input card for example

  1. CM9760-VCC is compatible with CM9760-MXB, and CM9740-MXB.
  2. CM9765-VCC is compatible with CM9765-MXB.
  3. CM9770-VCC is compatible with CM9770-MXB.
  4. CM9780-VCC is compatible with CM9780-MXB.