Call up a camera using a Matrix Switcher/Controller with a KBD300A or KBD200A keyboard.


How do I call up a camera using a Matrix Switcher/Controller with a KBD300A or KBD200A keyboard?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6700 Matrix Switcher/Controller
  • CM6800 Matrix Switcher series
  • KBD300A
  • KBD200A


View camera on desire monitor.


1. To initialize a keyboard, wait five seconds after power-up
2. Enter the number for the monitor you are viewing (1-4)
3. Press MON
4. Enter the camera you wish to view on that monitor by pressing the number (1-16)
5. Press CAM

NOTE: You must re-initialize whenever power is cycled on the matrix of the KBD300A or KBD200A.