How to setup time sync (NTP) on the DX8100.


Synchronizing the DX8100 HVR system time to an NTP server will ensure the time settings are always up to date and accurate. The DX8100 HVR can be configured as a NTP (Network Time Protocol) server or Client.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8100 HVR
NTP Server


Installation and Maintenance.


The DX8100 Series HVR is able to synchronize time with an NTP server as well as another DX8100 HVR.

For configuration instructions, please refer to the DX8100 Series Hybrid Video Recorder Operation/Configuration manual (Page 172 WORKING WITH TIME SYNCHRONIZATION) Topics covered include 

  • Adding an NTP Time Server
  • Editing an NTP Time Server
  • Deleting an NTP Server
  • Comparing the DX8100 and NTP Server Time
  • Manually Synchronizing the DX8100 Time
  • Setting Up Automatic Time Synchronization
  • Enabling Database Overwrite

Note: The DX8100 date and time must be changed on the DVR itself, you cannot change these options from the Client software.

Set UP The DX8100 HVR as The Time Server


Set UP The DX8100 HVR as The Time Client

Point The DX8100 HVR to a DX8100 NTP Server

  • Network Name Resolution MUST be enabled on the Network.  DX8100 software wants to resolve the host name to IP address of the server you are trying to sync with.
  • Enter the IP address or web link for the target time server. 



Point The DX8100 HVR to an External NTP Server




Check Mark a Synchronize time option and APPLY