The DX Client software only shows a field of squares with Pelco logos in the main display, how do I view live video?


DX Client software connects but unable to see live video.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8000 Client Software
  • DX8100 Client software
  • DX4500/DX4600 Client Software
  • DXSeries Client Software


Procedure to populate cameras in the live view panels is unknown.


After connecting to the DX series HVR using the remote software Client, follow one of the following methods listed below to view live video:

  1. Drag individual cameras from the site tree and drop them into the desired view panels.
  2. Automatically populate the live view panels by dragging the top-level icon labeled Camera to any panel in the live view area.
  3. The user needs to login to the DVR if :
    Camera Security is enable : In DX8100 Series and DX8000 Series DVRs if camera security is checked, this will block live video unless a user with proper user rights logs in to the DVR 
    Covert is enable: In DX4500 and DX4600 if Covert is set to ON, this will block live video unless a user logs.
    Guest User Account has no live video access: In DX4700_DX4800 Series by removing the checked from cameras for Main Channel settings listed within the User setup menu; it will block live video display unless a user logs in.

Once the live view panels have been populated, the remote software Client saves the display setup to a file on the client PC's hard drive. The display will automatically repopulate the next time the client connects to the server.