Set P or D addressing on a Spectra Mini Dome


How do I set P or D addressing on a Spectra Mini Dome?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra Mini
  • Controller that supports output of Pelco RS422 Pelco P or D ,Coaxitron protocol.
  • Pelco controllers


Match communication settings of Spectra and Controller for successful ptz control.


  1. Place the dome drive on a flat surface with the dome liner pointing up.
  2. Point the camera straight up.
  3. Using a flashlight, look straight down through the viewing slot of the dome liner. Look at the circuit board in the bottom of the housing.
  4. Rotate the dome liner until you see two DIP switches on the circuit board.
  5. Set the SW3 switches according addressing chart:
    -P protocol click here
    -D protocol click here
  6. Configure Baud Rate (communication speed) to match between camera and head end equipment. View Table A for Baud Rate Settings.

Note: Spectra MINI supports RS-422 Pelco-D and Pelco-P. It may not support 3rd party RS-485 controller.
Note:  Leave Dipswitchs all OFF for Coaxitron protocol.

NOTE: After setting the spectra mini for desired address and protocol power cycle camera  for settings to take effect.


Addressing charts can be found starting on pages 8-15 of the Spectra Mini Installation Manual.

SPectra Mini Dip Switches