How to quickly verify a multicast routing issue using the Endura WS5000/WS5200 software?


By default, Endura encoders and Pelco network IP cameras are default to stream live video in Multicast mode. A common symptom of multicast routing issue is where the date and time stamp can be seen on the workspace but the video is black. 

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


WS5000/WS5200 all versions


Black video is commonly associated with a multicast routing problem. A quick way to verify the issue is by adjusting streaming mode from "Multicast" to "Unicast". Follow the Resolution instructions to complete this test. If live video is displayed after the Resolution steps are completed, then the root cause of the black video is associated to multicast routing.


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Note: The steps below are for troubleshooting only.  After the test has confirmed that multicast routing is the issue, the settings must be reversed.  Please contact your Endura Network Administrator for a permanent solution.

1. Right-click on the camera exhibiting the problem
2. Select Modify Settings
3. Under Configuration tab, select Unicast for the stream mode
4. Click the Apply button
5. Click the OK button
6. Drag and drop the camera onto the workspace to view live video