Network ports for DX8000/DX8100 remote connectivity


Unable to connect remotely to the DX8000/DX8100.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100
  • DX8100 Client
  • DX8000
  • DX8000 Client


Network ports blocked


Ports 9002-9005 need to be open for the client to connect to the DX8000/DX8100 recorder.

DX8100 Series:

Port Purpose
9002 For Video streaming and setup data
9003 Upgrade Port
9004 Emergency port (Client Only)
9005 Information Port ( for using IP scanner)
9123 NTP
9200 Multicast

Port 9200 is for supporting Multicast. Also, this port has to be open always for data transferring of UDP.  
Port 9002 at the server side is for keeping its connection between server and client, but there is no specific port at the Client side.
Client side will ask the port randomly for TCP against 9002 at server. 
Port 9003 is for software upgrade, we have to use Demon process. 9003 port is preparing for this demon process when client make a connection.
Also, upgrading with Demon requires the port always open.

For more information see page 19 in DX8100 HVR Client Application Software Operation and Configuration Manual