Will the System 9700 version 9 software support ASCII commands?


System 9700 version 9 includes ASCII command support via RS232 or RS422 port on the CM9700-CC1.  Although, internal ASCII support is available, an external CM9760-DT/DT4 can also be used.

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The integration of the 9700 System and 3rd party software requires a method of sending commands to the 9700 System.  The ASCII commands may include monitor and camera switching or advanced alarm handling.


System 9700 ASCII commands are supported using two methods
  • Method 1:  External Data Translator which requires the addition of the CM9760-DT or CM9760-DT4.
  • Method 2:  Internal Data Translator which is a direct connect to either an available RS232 or RS422 serial port on the CM9700-CC1.
  • Reference CM9700-MGR Software Guide page 37 for details.