CCC1390H-6 camera connections types.


What type of connector is available on the CCC1390H-6?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras




The data output is hidden in the back of the camera under a screw-down terminal plate and those that do not know about it are unaware of the cable connection under it.


  • A BNC connector is available for analog video output only; UTP is not supported on the CCC1390H-6 series cameras.
  • For control over the camera's functions, you have either a joystick controller physically on the back of the camera to get into the menu as well the use of a Pelco RS422 connector under the screw down terminal plate. To use the protocol function and connection to get into the CC1390H-6 camera's menu structure, please refer to the Installation Manual Page #16 located here: C2924M.