Camera view for Spectra III or Spectra IV display gray video.


Spectra III or Spectra IV is outputting video as an All Gray scene display.

Grey screen display a little sliver of image to the side of screen.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • DD53C22 (Spectra III)
  • DD4 All analog models
  • Spectra IV using TXB-N (TXB-N is not always used)


Back Box memory storage corruption causes Window Blanking feature to enable in error.


A Spectra III or Spectra IV (IP) at rare times will experience video display corruption. The error displays as All Gray Video and impacts the video portion of camera only. Replacing the Dome Drive (camera) only does not correct the error. The Backbox housing requires a clearing of saved memory. The error can be field corrected by following the recommended steps: 

Note: PTZ control of Camera is required to access the 95 preset menu option. PTZ Control can be determined by change of Degrees display text along bottom of Spectra video scene.

Access the menu of the Spectra and restore to factory default settings.

  1. Use 95 preset set to open menu.
  2. Use joystick to move to DOME SETTING and press open iris.
  3. Use joystick to move to CLEAR and press open iris.
  4. Select Clear all window blanking and press iris open. If the blanking is removed exit menu. If not go to next step.
  5. Use joystick to move to RESTORE TO FACTORY SETTINGS and press open iris.
  6. You will be ask to press open iris one more time.
  7. Dome will now restore the DD53C22 and the gray screen will be removed.

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