Help on The Exchange Knowledgebase

1. How to use The Exchange Knowledgebase

The Exchange Knowledgebase is the first place to go to find known solutions and answers to product questions. Use the search bar in the middle pane of the page to query the database. A list of related knowledgebase articles is shown including the title and a sample of the Resolution. Click the title to display the full article.

2. Tips on how to search The Exchange Knowledgebase

The Exchange Knowledgebase uses a simple keyword text search.

Here are some tips and guidelines about searching:

3. How to rate content

Rating content helps us improve information comprehensiveness and accuracy. Rate content by selecting a star rating on the right-hand side of the article view.

4. What if I don't find the answer I need?

Unsuccessful searches provide a link to the related Exchange Community where your question can be posted to the global community. The Contact Product Support quick link will provide local contact information for Product Support Services. This will allow our licensed partners and internal employees to ask for more information via phone or email if you do not find a relevant knowledgebase article.