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Article ID Description
LL#19680 DX4700 / DX4800: How to locate the serial number.
The Pelco serial number is located on a sticker inside the front panel door. Example: SN:ABC-DEFG
LL#19679 DX8100: How to locate the serial number
The serial number is located on a sticker inside the front panel door. Example: SN:ABC-DEFG
LL#19678 Digital Sentry: DSSRV2 randomly shutdowns or reboots to the message "Reboot and Select proper Boot device..."
The process outlined in this article will resolve issues related to the DevSleep malfunction on Intel 535 series SSD drives, there is no guarantee this process will 'fix' a failed SSD drive as...
LL#19676 Exsite auto tracking calibration information.
The AutoTracker behavior detects and tracks movement in the camera’s field of view. When the AutoTracker behavior is configured, the system automatically pans and tilts to follow the moving obje...
LL#19670 VideoXpert Pro and Enterprise: Failed installations and software crashes upon launch due to anti-virus software
1. In some situations the scan will finish and allow the software to launch or install successfully. 2. In other situations the software will crash and you will need to install again or launch the sof...
LL#19668 Digital Sentry: Change or update IP camera connection user credentials
Change the credentials in the IP camera directly using the cameras web interface or configuration utility. Once the credentials have been configured or changed in the camera, then update the Digital S...
LL#19655 VxPro/VXS: How to configure motion recording with Optera cameras.
Prerequisite: Install Pelco Utilities v2.10 on a client. Enabling simple motion detection: Launch Pelco Utilities. Select the Optera Camera. Right click > Device Actions > Enable/ disable motion...
LL#19635 Can you convert DSSRV / DSSRV2 DIACAP recorder into a non-DIACAP recorder?
Yes, the difference between the type of recorders is purely software in nature. A DSSRV / DSSRV2 DIACAP recorder has been imaged from the factory with a special hardened Windows OS configuration which...
LL#19634 Pelco VideoXpert Virtual Environment Support Statement.
Pelco Virtual Environment Support Statement Pelco confirms that we will support customers who deploy the VideoXpert video management suite of applications in virtualized environments. Should Pelco sus...
LL#19631 VxPro: Camera names are lost after commissioning
If currently experiencing this issue, camera titles can be changed from within VxToolbox. 1. Launch VxToolbox. Connect to your system. 2. On the Cameras tab, select the camera which needs to be rename...

Results 1 - 10 of 1000

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