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LL#19582 Is VideoXpert Professinonal supported on Windows Server 2016 ?
As of now only operating system Windows 7 64-bits, Windows 10 64-bits, or Windows Servers 2012 is supported.
LL#19574 Does Ops Center with Enhanced Decoders support VxPro systems?
No, Enhanced Decoders will not support VxPro. You will need to use a standard monitor connection from your Ops Center or select the option to disconnect Enhanced Decoders. If choosing the option to Ye...
LL#19549 Shared Display: Call up delay when calling up more than 2 streams.
Update the Shared Display with VxOpsCenter software version Download
LL#19548 VxToolbox version 1.3 new icons and tooltips.
Authenticated (green key) Not required (unlocked) Authenticated in VX, not in Toolbox (orange refresh) Authenticated in Toolbox, not in VX (red refresh)
LL#19542 Use Pelco Utilities to configure motion detection settings in Pelco legacy Sarix cameras/encoders.
In order to configure motion detection within Pelco legacy Sarix cameras and encoders, the following settings must be configured within Pelco Utilities: Enable the motion detection service in the came...
LL#19539 How to add OneFS NAS volumes to a VXS for recording
Here are the steps to add a NAS volume to a VXS and make it available for recording: 1) Login to your OneFS NAS Web UI and go to Windows Sharing (SMB) 2) Click on "Create an SMB Share" to cr...
LL#19533 Cropped desktop when using Dell 9020/7040/7050 micro PCs with Pelco Monitors via HDMI
Solution #1 Open the Monitor Menu Scroll to Settings Change Overscan to OFF Solution #2 In Windows, right click the desktop and select Graphics Properties. Click Display. Under Scaling select Customiz...
LL#19532 DSSRV / DSSRV2 - How to locate the serial number
There are several ways to lookup the serial number for DSSRV1 and DSSRV2 Network Video Recorders. 1 Using the default computer name (This option is only available if the computer name is still default...
LL#19530 Where can I find the serial numbers for Endura Products?
Generate a System Report from Pelco Utilities. See Lessons Learned Article LL#14493. If the Product Serial Number is blank, 00000, or None than the unit was reimaged. In this case you will be required...
LL#19513 OpsCenter 2.2 (VxE 2.1 release) new streaming error messages
Several new error messages have been added to OpsCenter for the VxE 2.1 release. In most of the cases where the previous OpsCenter release would have shown the generic message, “Cannot Connect,&...

Results 1 - 10 of 1000

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