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LL#19273 What type of endpoint connector should be used with current fiber modules?
We currently use UPC endpoint connection type for all currently produced fiber modules.
LL#19267 Wireshark fails to run on a DSSRV / DSSRV2 with a missing MSVCR120.dll error.
Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 If you are installing the 64bit version of Wireshark install the vcredist_x64.exe
LL#19265 How to access the on-screen display (OSD) in Pelco IP Cameras
To add or remove the camera title or date & time overlay from the cameras web interface. Optera OSDi Interface Spectra Enhanced OSDi Interface Spectra Pro, Sarix Pro, Sarix Pro 2 Oncam Grandeye EV...
LL#19263 What is the part number(s) for the CM9760 connection cables?
Reverse cable WIRA220132 for: CM9760-CDU-T CM9760-CXTA Reverse cable WIRA220122 for: CM9760-DMR CM9760-KBD-US cable(s): Straight WA02-1224-001A Reverse WA02-1224-003A
LL#19259 13M series of lenses are not compatible with Next Generation Sarix Enhanced II box camera
Next Gen models IXE12 IXE22 IXE32 ****can only use the YV series on the models listed above**** Below is a list of available YV lens models. Model Description YV2.7X2.2SR4A LENS 1/2.8 MPIXEL 2.2-6MM Y...
LL#19256 Oncam EVO5 / EVO12: Fast-forwarding video skips a lot of frames making investigation difficult.
Change the GOP length the equal 2 I-Frames per second. When configured for the highest resolution, the GOP should be set to 5 for both cameras. Change the GOP for EVO5 Access the cameras web interface...
LL#19255 How do you create a preset in DS Controlpoint.
Create the Preset locations using DS ControlPoint. Open DS ControlPoint (Start > All Programs > Pelco > DS ControlPoint) and connect to the Digital Sentry system. On the Live tab, select the ...
LL#19254 How to install VideoXpert Core front panel services
Click here to download Front panel installer Copy to CMG/Core desktop and install. Once finish the light indicator will turn on.
LL#19244 Spectra Enhanced Environmental reboots after self-test.
With the heater off and blower on, the Spectra Enhanced camera requires 18W of power. Enabling Cisco LLDP and turning off CDP will allow the switch to negotiate the port's POE+ power to 18W.
LL#19239 Optera IP camera after upgrading firmware not able to configure Smart Compression.
Clear the web browser cache. Select keystroke CTRL + F5 to clear Web browser cache. Verify options to configure Smart Compression are displayed.

Results 1 - 10 of 1000

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