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LL#19362 VideoXpert: How many IP cameras can viewed in Ops Center?
Ops Center client can support a max of 8 1080p @ 30FPS streams per workstation. If using an Enhanced Decoder this will allow you to add an additional 8 1080p streams. Examples: If using an OPS-WKS (si...
LL#19357 What type of video output does the VS5108 have?
The VS5100 Series Switcher (sequential, video) has analog BNC 75-ohm inputs and outputs only. The switcher does not include a VGA, DVI or HDMI output. Video Specification:
LL#19356 VxPro: Can't view live or recorded video when using Ops Center on the server.
We support using either the HDMI or DisplayPort output from VXP-E, and VXP-F servers
LL#19355 Does Pelco offer a wireless solution for analog or IP video products?
No, Pelco does not offer a wireless solution for it's products, will require a 3rd party solution. Pelco does not offer any recommendations on wireless equipment, please refer to a local wireless ...
LL#19351 VXS: Troubleshoot internal cooling FAN failure.
If the Unit Status LED is blinking quickly (1x/sec), this indicates an internal cooling FAN failure. Determine which FAN has failed without removing the LID Use Super Micros built in IPMI hardware acc...
LL#19337 How to add an analog camera to the DX4700 / DX4800 recorder.
The DX4700 / DX4800 supports 8 to 16 looping BNC analog inputs and camera video up to 720TVL 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms. Connect the analog video cable to an available video input on the DVR (3). Once connected,...
LL#19336 VxPro: Camera list does not populate when Ops Center is launched on the server.
Solution #1 Configure the system with a Static IP Solution #2 1. After bootup, launch Services.msc. 2, Stop VideoXpert Pro Server 3. Stop VideoXpert Pro Server Database. 4. Start VideoXpert Pro Server...
LL#19335 DSSRV2 with NET5500 Series
New install follow step 1-8, if adding a NET5500 to existing DSSRV2 skip to step 8 With the power off on the DSSRV2 make all necessary connection.(Monitor, mouse, keyboard,network) Note: Display port ...
LL#19334 Pelco Cameras Immune to gSOAP/Devil’s Ivy Threat
Pelco Cameras Immune to gSOAP/Devil’s Ivy Threat Todd Dunning - Sr. Product Manager todd.dunning@schneider-electric.com In Mid-July, a security vulnerability – the gSOAP/Devil’s Ivy ...
LL#19333 Endura WS5080 system recovery procedure.
First, if you have the original recovery media (DVD or USB flash drive) shipped with the unit, use that. Otherwise, the image can be downloaded and USB recovery disk created. In order to reimage the W...

Results 1 - 10 of 1000

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