How to configure recording schedules for VideoXpert Storage systems?


During system installation, the system needs to be programmed to record its cameras.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert (version 1.12)
VideoXpert Storage server (VXS)


The system needs to be programmed to record its cameras.


In order to get cameras on a VideoXpert system to record, you must do the following:

  • Assign cameras to each recorder that will be used for recording
  • Create one or more recording schedules that include each camera that you want to record

Here are the detailed steps to get one or more cameras recording on a VideoXpert system:


*NOTE: You must first log into admin portal as an administrator user before you begin


1. Click on the 'Recording' tab

2. Click on 'Recorders'

3. Click on the Recorder in the Recorders list

4. Click on 'Add or Remove Data Sources...'



5. On the right pane, check the box for each camera that you want to assign to the selected Recorder

6. Click on 'Add to Recorder' to assign the selected camera(s) to the selected Recorder



7. Next, click on 'Schedules'

8. Click on the plus symbol to add a new recording schedule



9. Enter a name for the new recording schedule and click Add



10. Click on the edit icon to add cameras to the selected recording schedule



11. Check the box next to each camera that you want added to the recording schedule



12. Click on the plus icon to add the type of recording (continuous, motion, alarm, etc.)



13. In this example, we are selecting Continuous, Full Frame Rate for our recording schedule as shown below

14. Click on the Add button



15. As shown below In this example,  we have our newly added schedule called 'continuous' with four cameras assigned and recording Full Frame Rate.


16. For "bump on alarm" recording, create one trigger for continuous recording at reduced frame rate (ie I-Frame only), then create another trigger for event recording at full frame rate (motion, alarm, analytic).

  • Note: There is no daily or time of day options for configuring schedules: all schedules are active "24x7".  This option is on the road map to be added to VideoXpert in a future release, no ETA at the moment.