How to configure VideoXpert Pro motion recording


Configuring VideoXpert Pro for recording using motion detection.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert Pro


VideoXpert Pro needs to be configured to record video when motion is detected.


VideoXpert Pro uses in-camera motion detection, therefore the camera's motion settings will be configured through the individual camera's UI
In order to configure motion recording in VideoXpert Pro, the following settings must be configured:
The camera's motion detection settings
VideoXpert Pro record schedule
  • Create a Recording Group
  • Add cameras to the group
  • Add a trigger for the Recording Group
  • Remove cameras from the continuous (24-7) Recording Group if necessary

  1. Configure the camera's motion detection settings per the camera's documentation
  2. Open VideoXpert VxToolbox and log in
  3. Connect to the desired VxPro system
  4. Click the 'Recording' tab
  5. Click the 'Schedules' button
    • Note: The default '24-7' record schedule may be used if all cameras will be using motion detection
    • If this is the case, skip to step 10
  6. Create a new Recording Group if only some of the cameras will use motion detection
  7. Click the '+' icon at the bottom of the 'Recording Groups' section
  8. Give the new Recording Group a name and click 'Add'
  9. Add cameras to the newly added Recording Group:
  10. Select the Recording Group in the left-hand pane
  11. Click the 'Edit' (pencil) icon in the 'Sources' pane
  12. Check the box next to each camera that needs to be recorded when there is motion detection
  13. Click 'Save Changes'
  14. Click the '+' icon in the right-hand pane to add a trigger for this group
  15. Select 'Event-Triggered Recording (Full Frame Rate)
  16. Select Motion Detected
  17. Set the Pre-Motion record value
  18. Select 'No Motion Detected' in the right-hand box to record
  19. Set the post-record duration to continue recording after the camera has stopped detecting motion
  20. Click 'Add'
  21. Remove any cameras from the continuous (24-7) record schedule that don't need to be recorded all of the time
  22. Select the '24-7' Recording Group
  23. Click the 'Edit' (pencil) icon at the top of the middle pane
  24. Click 'Selected Resources'
  25. Uncheck any cameras that do not require continuous recording
  26. click 'Save Changes'
  27. Done.


NOTE: If server side motion or Pixel search is needed reference the following article. VxPro: How to configure an use Motion Pixel Search.