Professional Services: Registering your Endura SM5200 or Digital Sentry DSSRV2 Server for Advanced Technical Support.


Customer is not a Pelco Partner and needs to register for complimentary Advanced Technical Support.

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Other, Pelco Video Management


Professional Services


Advanced Technical Support (tier 2) requires a valid support entitlement for Endura and Digital Sentry cases escalated to the North America Advanced Technical Support team. 


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By registering your Endura SM5200 or Digital Sentry Server (DSSRV2) you will receive a support entitlement that contains two complimentary Advanced Technical Support incidents. Please note that Basic Technical Support does not require a support entitlement and remains available to you free of charge, 24 hours a day Monday-Friday. For additional details on the available Advanced Technical Support services, please see our Advanced Phone Support Brochure. For details on Basic vs. Advanced support, incident definitions and target response times, please view our Support Guide & Terms of Service.


How to register your Endura SM5200 or Digital Sentry DSSRV2 Server


1. Go to

2. Login to the Service & Support Portal. If you do not have an account, please Sign Up.

3. Click on Register Product

4. Fill out the registration form. After registering, it may take up to 5 minutes for your entitlment to become active. You will receive a confirmation email once activated. If you encounter any problems with registration, please contact technical support.


If you are an employee of a Pelco Partner, please use your company account number (e.g. ABCXX00). If you are an end user, please use the Support ID that was emailed to you when signing up for the Support Portal. Your entitlement will be linked to the Account Number or Support ID and can only be changed to a different account by calling support and completing a validation process.