What SIP intercom systems will work with Security Expert?


Are there any specific SIP intercom systems that we have tested to work with Security Expert? 

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SmartStruxure Solution, Other


Security Expert




Unclear which SIP intercoms are supported.


1. Our own SX-IPI-C intercom interface  [1] [2] and SX-ENTR touch screen intercom [3] are qualified with Security Expert.

2. We have support for some specific third-party products [4].

3. Any intercom that adheres to SIP Standard (RFC 3261) will work with Security Expert.

4. We can show video from any intercom that provides a web based camera feed. Video support for intercom systems is simply a web based feed provided by the camera. An intercom that can provide a URL (like http://your_intercom_address/path/to/live_feed.jpg) will be compatible.