Esprit Enhanced Reset


  1. Unable to access Esprit Enhanced
  2. Needing to reset Esprit Enhanced
  3. No video from Esprit Enhanced

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Esprit Enhanced Series ES6230


Esprit Enhanced becomes unresponsive, No longer shows video or unable to ping camera.  Customer may also need to reset camera if lost IP address.


There is no provision for recovering a forgotten administrator user name or password.

The camera can be restored to its out-of-the box, no-password configuration by powering down, depressing the reset button with an object such as a paper clip, and holding the button down for at least five seconds while powering the camera back up.



NOTE: The Reset button for Esprit Enhanced cameras is located inside the enclosure.

NOTE:  If the first reset does not work, press reset once then press and hold reset down as camera is powered on for 30 seconds.