ES6230 Esprit Enhanced IP camera: Setting a positive Bottom Tilt Limit can lead to camera runaway and calibration loss.


The camera can blow past the bottom limit, smashe into the hard stop, skip alot until it thinks its back within range. OSDi reports wrong position (ex: 10 degrees but pointing down) and the camera is no longer calibrated properly. (its thinks its pointing somewhere its not).

*NOTE: JIRA Ticket: Number: SPS-7234

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


ES6230 Firmware version


If the bottom tilt limit is ever set to 0 or greater (IE: top=10, bottom=7, etc.), the camera can lose control if the user tilts into the limit.  This issue can also occur if the user is below the bottom tilt limit when the limits become activated. Example: limits are top=10, bottom=7 and the current tilt=4.


To Resolve this issue, you will need to clear the limits, then reboot.

*NOTE: A reboot alone will not solve the issue (since the bad limits are applied and the camera starts at tilt position 0.)


Here are the steps to clear the limits:

1) Log into the camera Web UI (default username: "admin", default password: "admin").

2) Once you are logged into the Web UI, click on "Settings" as shown below to enter the setup pages.

3) Next, mouse over the "PTZ" tab and click on "Positioning" in the drop down menu as shown below.

4) On the positioning page, near the bottom left of the page, click on "Remove Limits" as shown below.


5) Now that the Limits have been cleared/removed, mouse over the "System" tab and click on "General Settings" as shown below.

6) While on the "General Settings" page, click on "Reboot Camera" at the bottom right side of the page as shown below.



7) The camera will not reboot and when it comes back up the limits will have been removed/cleared.


*NOTE: This issue has been resolved in Esprit Enhanced Firmware version or greater.