How to connect to an Oncam Evolution 360 Media stream (EVO-05 & EVO-12).


Need to connect to an Oncam Evolution 360 Media Stream.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


EVO-05 Firmware version 1.9.18

EVO-12 Firmware version 1.4.96


Need to connect to the Oncam Evolution Media Stream.


H.264 video stream - EVOLUTION-05
4MP H.264 video stream : rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/h264/video.sdp?camera=13
2MP H.264 video stream : rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/h264/video.sdp?camera=25
1MP H.264 video stream : rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/h264/video.sdp?camera=12
¼ H.264 video stream : rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/h264/video.sdp?camera=26
For Example, to view an H.264 stream in Evolution camera with an IP address of and stream = 4MP H.264 will be;

H.264 video stream (Multicast) - EVOLUTION-05
For Example, to view an H.264 multicast stream in Evolution camera with an IP address of will be;

MJPEG video stream - EVOLUTION-05
4MP MJPEG video stream :http://(camera_ip_address:port_number)/video.cgi?camera=13
2MP MJPEG video stream : http://(camera_ip_address:port_number)/video.cgi?camera=25
1MP MJPEG video stream : http://(camera_ip_address:port_number)/video.cgi?camera=12
¼ MJPEG video stream : http://(camera_ip_address:port_number)/video.cgi?caera=26

Media Stream - EVOLUTION-12
Fisheye 1: rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/video.sdp?name=FE1
Fisheye 2: rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/video.sdp?name=FE2
Vcam 1: rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/video.sdp?name=VC1
Vcam 2: rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/video.sdp?name=VC2
Vcam 3: rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/video.sdp?name=VC3
Vcam 4: rtsp://(camera_ip_address)/video.sdp?name=VC4