Program and call Presets on the Spectra HD, Professional, or Enhanced Series IP Dome System using DS ControlPoint.


Is DS ControlPoint able to program and call Presets on the Spectra HD, Professional, or Enhanced Series IP Dome System.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Spectra HD Series
  • Spectra Professional Series
  • Spectra Enhanced Series
  • DS ControlPoint


Use DS ControlPoint Client to program and call presets as an alternative of the Spectra HD web browser.


Program and Call Presets using the web browser
Click on Settings; Imaging TAB, Presets.Create a Preset and name it Endura:1, Endura:2...etc  to be compatible with controlpoint and a KBD300A connected to the PC.

DS ControlPoint Client can program and call presets without using the web browser.

To configure and call up camera presets thru DS ControlPoint:
In DS ControlPoint, call up the Spectra into the display and then click on the Joystick icon.

  1. Use the directional buttons to move the camera to the view you want to save as a preset.
  2. Use the up and down arrows to display the desired number.
  3. Click the Set button to save the preset name and number to the desired view.
  4. Click the Call button to move the camera to the pre designated view.

Note: The Spectra does not support Patterns but instead uses Preset Tours.  Preset Tours can only be configured via the Spectra HD's web browser.