7798C with DPUs / SCUs at addresses 28 thru 31 not working


DPUs / SCUs with addresses 28 thru 31 will give you "Deny Entry Tenant" message

Product Line



7798C & I/Net Seven rev 2.41 & above


During this time period, was the release of the OP5. This device occupies this address range. In I/Net Seven Rev 2.41 and 2.41A the 7798C has BIN file rev 1.12. With this BIN loaded on the 7798C will give you a "Deny Entry Tenant" on any card read.


Replace the existing 7798C.BIN file with the 7798C.BIN rev 1.13 (out of I/Net Seven rev 2.43)


Please note that this bin file is not SBO compatible. At this time SBO has only a limited feature set for access control integration from I/NET.  Any SBO integration will limit DPU and SCU to addresses 0-27 on the 7798C