What are the valid ranges for the Infinet ID's?


How do I know if an Infinet ID is a priority node?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Infinet Controllers i2, SCX, LCX,TCX,LSX


Some Infinet ID's are Priority nodes or reserved nodes.


Some controllers can be defined as a Priority Node, which means it will receive the Infinet Token more often than a regular Infinet node.

To promote a controller to be a Priority node change its Infinet ID to be in the Priority node range using a service tool.


The overall range of Infinet ID's is 0-255 and these are defined as follows:

0 - New or unassigned controllers have an ID of 0, they will not communicate until an ID has been assigned to them, usually by doing a "Learn"

1 - 127 Regular Infinet controller nodes

128 - 223 Invalid addresses and should not be used.

224 - 250 Priority nodes

251 - 254 Priority nodes usually reserved for a Service tool (i.e. LSX280 or RoamIO)

255 Used by the "Master" node i.e. CX, bCX or Netcontroller

When a learn is performed a regular controller will be allocated the next available regular node, the exceptions are the DCX250, ACX700 and ACX780 which will be allocated the next available Priority node.