What are the Micronet 2000 VAV attributes that correspond to the Niagara R2 MnFlo Inputs and Outputs?


The MnFlow shadow device, in Niagara R2, comes with six objects.  What do the inputs and outputs cross-reference to down in the Micronet 2000 VAV controller?

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


Niagara R2 (ASD driver)

Micronet 2000


Programming Niagara objects to control setpoints in the Micronet VAV


Document F-25720 lists tables illustrating what each input and output is mapped to in the Micronet VAV.

MnFloEmsDi object in Niagara R2:

MnFloEmsAi object in Niagara R2:

MnFloDvOuts & MnFloAvOuts objects in Niagara R2: