How to swap two infinet controller on the same system.


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What is the proper procedure to use when swapping two previously installed Infinet controllers on the same Continuum network.

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Must prove determine whether an Infinet Controllers flow sensor is damaged.


  1. It is important to recommission Infinet controllers before relocating them in the same system.
  2. Recommissioning the Infinet controller purges all object handles and ensures that the controller will be brought on line virtually as a new "out of the box" controller.
  3. Infinet controllers are recommissioned by setting the InfinetID to 0 using a RoamIO.
  • Using a RoamIO, set the InfinetID of both Infinet controllers to zero.
  • Verify that the controllers InfinetID has been set to 0.
  • With the workstation in OffLine mode, change the serial number of each controllers to a fictional serial number that does not exist in Continuum.
  • Remove both controllers and install them in place of each other with out powering the controller.
  • Before the controllers are powered, connect them to the Infinet bus while the bus is connected to the infinet port.
  • Switch the workstation to Online Mode.
  • Power up the controllers.
  • Enter the correct serial number for each controller in the controller editor. Both controllers should come online.
  • Reload both controllers.