Vista SmartStruxure Interface service not found


Opening the Vista SmartStruxure Interface setup, found in the status box, message "service not found" is displayed.

Product Line

TAC Vista, SmartStruxure Solution


  • TAC Vista 5.1.8
  • SmartStruxure 1.4


Some dll may be missing causing the service could not start.


  1. Manually run the VistaInterface execution file. By default TACVistaSmartStuxureInterface.exe file is stored in C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\TAC Vista SmartStruxure Interface 1.0.0.
  2. Double click on the TACVistaSmartStuxureInterface.exe file, if the service could not be started, it will pop out an error message window.
  3. If it is a dll file missing, can find the corresponding dll on the internet, and solve this issue. If the error message shows some other error, please make a copy of the error message and contact local product support service team for further assistance.