Where to find Evaluation license for TAC Vista and Struxureware Building Operation.


A customer need an Evaluation license for TAC Vista or Struxureware Building Operation where can they be found?  

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TAC Vista, SmartStruxure Solution


TAC Vista

Struxureware Building Operation


There is an evaluation license available for TAC Vista valid one month and an Evalauation license for Struxureware Building Operation valid 3 months. 


Evaluation or demo license files are available for licensed partners on the EcoBuildings Download Center. Follow the link and search "evaluation".

You must first register using your business email (i.e. CustomerName@partnerdomain.com) address to gain access to these files.

Note: You may use any email address to register and view content, but downloads will only be granted to approved partner domain names. See Lessons Learned Article #15967 for more information.