ALARM blocks in SBO Function Block Editor


ALARM blocks can be added to an SBO Function Block application, but it is not possible to set delay, priority or alarm text parameters from within the Function Block Editor.  Also, the preceding block is assigned an auto-generated name and public status, if it did not already have a name.

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


SBO 1.5.0 and earlier.

Function Block Editor


When an alarm block is added to a Function Block program an alarm object is automatically created in the SBO System Tree, below the FB program object.  By default, the alarm object is not visible until the filter 'Show non-presentation objects' is set

The public block preceding the alarm block is required so that the alarm object in the System Tree can have a Monitored Variable reference.

 The 'Function Block Editor and Menta Editor Difference Guide 04-15010-01' states that 'The function block programs still need the ALARM blocks, but the blocks only serve as inputs and outputs to the alarm functions..'.  This is misleading as you do not need to explicitly create an external alarm object - all the usual alarm properties are available in the automatically generated alarm object, once it is made visible.


Set the System Tree filter to 'Show non-presentation objects'.  Then set the required alarm properties in the displayed alarm object below the FB program object.