Discovering and Learning b3 bacnet devices in SmartStruxure


There's a need to know the methods to add b3 devices to SmartStruxure quickly from Lessons learned

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List the methods of adding b3 devices to SmartStruxure


The following information is an excerpt from pages 2020-2022 from the SmartStruxure Technical Reference Guide.


Discovering b3 BACnet Devices with the Device Discovery View

You use the Device Discovery view to search deployed Automation Servers for b3 BACnet devices. For more information, see section 62.1 "b3 BACnet Device Overview" on page 1949.

To discover b3 BACnet devices with the Device Discovery view

  1. In WorkStation, click the Device Discovery view.
  2. In the System Tree pane, click the Automation Server you want to search.
  3. In Select device type, click on BACnet devices.
  4. Select the b3 BACnet device you want in the Device result pane.
  5. Map a device by dragging that device from the Device result area and dropping it in the System Tree pane.
  6. When prompted, copy the device only or copy the device and all of its children.

Learning b3 BACnet Devices

You learn b3 BACnet devices to automatically assign the node IDs and initiate communication with devices on the MS/TP network.

Tip: It is possible to learn b3 devices when the b3 devices and the Automation Server functioning as the BACnet interface are connected and online. If the b3 devices are not physically connected to the network, it is also possible to manually create and configure the devices offline in Workstation. For more information, see section 62.2 "b3 BACnet Devices in StruxureWare" on page 1950.

To learn b3 BACnet devices

  1. In WorkStation, in the System Tree pane, select the MSTP Network
  2. In WorkStation, on the Actions menu, click b3 devices and Learn
  3. When the b3 BACnet devices are learned, click Close
  4. If necessary, perform a download operation to eliminate any old points and programs stored on the b3 BACnet device.