MAC address deconstruction of devices on a BACnet network


As a user, i would like to pre-program my JACE with my devices and i cannot make sense of the MAC address.

Product Line

Field Devices, SmartStruxure Lite


SmartStruxure Lite Multi-Purpose Manager and any device that can communicate with it.


Cannot make sense of the MAC address.


The MAC address of each device has the following format: [ yy xx bb aa 00 00 ]

[ yy xx ] denoted the "Network Number" in HEX

[ bb aa ] denotes the "Device ID" in HEX



Device MAC address is 7B 00 67 00 00 00

Network Number = 123 (Decimal) = 0x7B00 (HEX)

Device ID = 103 (Decimal) = 0x6700 (HEX)