TGML numeric presentations rounded to whole integers


TGML numeric presentations rounded to ones column

Product Line

TAC Vista


TGML graphics

Vista 5


Depending on the component being used to display the numeric data, it may be as simple as a property not set to display decimals. It may also be due to presentation values.


If using the default Numeric Presentation from the provided Snippets library, change the property in TAC Graphics Editor for 'Decimals' to the number of decimals to be presented i.e. 4 decimals = .0001, 2 decimals = .01, etc.

If not using this Snippet, check to see if getPresentationValue() is being used in a script, or if the binding itself has the Format attribute set to Presentation instead of None. Presentation value will inherit all formatting from the Vista database and not from the TGML source file.