No more inputs available on the DVR | How to configure your PTZ Camera


No more inputs available on the DVR

How to configure a PTZ Camera

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I/NET Seven CCTV with points configured to go into alarm triggering a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera


DVR has limited number of Inputs for the camera connections. A Mux expands this capacity.


Bottom line is you need to add a MUX to the DVR. The MUX allows more inputs from the DVR and goes between the camera(s) and the DVR allowing the additional inputs.

For setup of this:

  1. Go into configuration of the I/O server
  2. Modify the profile being used
  3. Under the Peripherals section, modify the Text Output Port. This enables the Baud Rate, which would be set to the appropriate value.
  4. Save this and exit. This setup will communicate from the I/Net to the DVR using the com port.
  5. Go into the AMT and select Edit pull down menu
  6. Select Text Library
  7. Select Add
  8. The Point Address needs to be whatever point is going into alarm. i.e. door, motion sensor, etc.
  9. The Text field is the ASCII string from Pelco for the camera. This is the command that I/Net is sending through the com port addressed in step 3. The string is limited to 127 characters, so be precise.
    • The I/Net point goes into alarm
    • I/Net picks up the alarm in AMT
    • Amt sends an ASCII string through the com port
    • The DVR picks up this string
    • The DVR puts the correct coding out to the MUX
    • The MUX sends to the PTZ camera

If you do not have the correct ASCII string for your Pelco camera, they are available from the Pelco website.