System image is not compatible when trying to upgrade Xenta firmware


  • Upgrading a Xenta 102-AX controller to a higher software version (eg. V2.16)
  • Upgrading a Xenta Sever version (eg. V5.1.4)

Error message says:

System image is not compatible

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Xenta 102-AX HW version below 2.0
  • Xenta Server HW version below 2.0
  • Xenta 511, 527, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913 HW version below 2.0


This issue is due to Xenta 102-AX and Xenta Server earlier hardware versions.


  1. Check the hardware version of the controller. The hardware version is printed on the sticker with HW X.X on the controller. If the HW label is missing, that means this Xenta 102-AX or Xenta Server is hardware version 1.0.
  2. Unfortunately, hardware version cannot be upgraded. If this error message appears, it means the controller cannot be upgraded to a more recent firmware version.