webClient browser will not log on to Single User system, shows Waiting for ServerName/WebClient/LogOn.aspx in Internet Explorer.


webClient browser will not log on to Single User system, shows "Waiting for ServerName/WebClient/LogOn.aspx" in Internet

Root\ " ".

Then check out the Workstation (Single User) screen, this will show error message:

"The root path name could not be read, the root path name will be set to "Root\ " "

See Screenshot:

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum webClient Single User V1.81 running on Windows XP SP2

Note: This scenario could also occur if a LAN Cyberstation were to be run up on the webClient IIS Server, but this is not a valid installation. Check out the webClient Installation guide on the software CD for valid LAN webClient configurations.


As the webClient IIS connections use the Cyberstation software to access the system SQL database, limiting the Cyberstation functionality will stop the additional webClient users from accessing the system.


Ensure any users logged on to a Single user system have full system access or are logged off when connecting using the webClient Browser. Also use the inactivity timer in the User configuration to automatically log off users not active on the system.

This issue does not apply to LAN systems where the webClient server is not used as a regular workstation.