What are the licensing requirements when installing InVue (Wonderware Intelligent Buildings Software or WIBS)?


As part of installing InVue, what are the licensing requirements?

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


InVue 1.1


InVue software re-installation on new server hardware.


Two license files are required.  One license is for the Wonderware core and one license is for the add-on programs (like TreeTech, interface drivers, hrdbdde driver, etc...).

The Wonderware license file was typically provided on a 3.5" floppy diskette. 
The filename is wwsuite.lic. 
It is installed in the following path:  C:\Program Files\FactorySuite\Common\License
Install the file by using Wonderware's License Utility (available via Start > Programs > Wonderware FactorySuite > Common > License Utility).

The license file for the add-on programs is provided during the software installation process.  Unlock codes must be provided to allow the programs to run.  A 30-day temporary license is provided during installation.
The filename is WIBSSuite.lic.
It is installed in the following path:  C:\Program Files\Siebe\WIBs\Core
When the unlock codes are provided, use the Purchase WIB Software shortcut (placed on the desktop during software installation) to enter them.