Stencils not loading after installing WorkPlaceTech 5.8


Stencils not loading after installing WorkPlaceTech 5.8

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


WorkPlace Tech 5.8


The stencils are not loaded because they are now under a new path:

C:/PrgramFiles/Schneider Electric/WorkPlaceTech Dispatcher.


To resolve this issue perform the following step:

  1.  Open WorkPlaceTech.
  2.  Select  Application menu and click Hardware Wizard command.
  3.  Stencils should be loaded after opening the Hardware Wizard.

If rebuilding the application did not load the stencils perform the following steps:

  1. Open WorkPlaceTech
  2. Select File menu click shapes
  3. Under shapes click open stencils
  4. Browse to the following path C:/ProgramFiles/Schneider Electric/WorkPlaceTech Dispatcher.
  5. Select the following stencils using the ctrl key:
  • WPBO.vss
  • WPCO.vss
  • WPIOC.vss
  • WPLMC.vss
  • WPLPC.vss
  • WPMN8NV.vss
  • WPTANNO.vss
  • WPTSC.vss
  • WPSC.vss

The stencils should now be loaded anytime you open or close WorkPlaceTech.