How to activate a card for first use on a future date?


What personnel attribute allows a card to only start working at a future time/ date? Is it ActivationDate or StartDate?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Access Controllers:

ACX5720, ACX5740, NetcontrollerII, ACX780, ACX700, AC1, AC1-A, AC1-Plus, CX9900, ACX57xx, NCII

Cyberstation, Access Control, Personnel

StartDate, ActivationDate, ExpirationDate.


After setting the StartDate or Activation date on some systems, the card still operates even if the date is in the future.


The ActivationDate attribute was added to Continuum V1.82 and above, it is only supported in the Netcontroller II & the ACX57xx controllers.

So systems with Cyberstations older than V1.82 or that use CX9900 (Netcontroller 1) with AC1 series modules, ACX780 or ACX700 do not support an Activation date and will start to operate as soon as the personnel has been saved and distributed to the controller.

The ExpirationDate is when a card will stop working and operates on all
products / versions of Continuum.

The StartDate is just a personnel information field to define when an individual
started with the company.