Getting AccDataServices error with AlmUtil.dll error when closing Continuum


When closing Continuum 1.9x SU (SQL 2005 Express engine on a stand alone workstation),  it shows MFC error message of ACCDataServices and the Windows Event Log shows AlmUtil.dll error message.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum SU 1.82 and higher version.


There are 3 Windows Schedule Tasks which are created during the DBInitialization->Creation of the Continuum SU workstation. Some possible causes are:

  • If these Schedule Tasks are missing
  • The Windows Schedule Tasks cannot be executed due to that fact that the current login userID is different than the one setup for the Schedule Tasks
  • The password is not correct


Manually create these 3 Schedule Tasks in the SU Cyberstation


  1. Uninstall SQL engine, Continuum
  2. Reboot the Workstation
  3. Reinstall Continuum SU, create a new DB from DB Initialization.
  4. Verify these 3 Schedule Tasks are created as below:
    • CS_Distn
    • CS_hrly
    • CS_Minute