Panel Creation


Desire to create a Panel in the BACnet Application folder

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


StruxureWare Building Operation 1.0 and higher


Desire to create a panel in a subfolder, such as BACnet Application folder.


Panel(s) and inability for creation in the BACnet Application folder is intentional.

The BACnet Application is mostly reserved objects which are visible to BACnet (Points, Values, Alarms, Trends, Schedules, etc), and also non-BACnet objects that you might use with BACnet objects (Graphics, Extended Trend Logs, Charts and Lists). Things that are application like…

The Panel object is really related to the Workstation and its layout, not really corresponding to the application-like objects that are available in the BACnet application. I think you can observe that the Panel objects can also not be created inside of any other communication protocol interfaces. For example, under a LonWorks, or ModBus, you also cannot create Panel objects…